Being Grounded, Yet Flexible

I’ve been feeling somewhat “cattywampus” lately, with intermittent physical symptoms of dizziness and inner ear sensations similar to changing altitudes in an airplane, among other vague and unexplainable things. I’m not ill, don’t have a cold or anything like that, and these episodes are followed by completely normal times where I can be very productive.

I first heard about this thing they are calling “Ascension” more than 10 years ago, and since then have learned a lot about it. I’ve put into practice many of the techniques recommended to “raise my vibration” to elevate my consciousness to another (higher) dimension because I very much want to live in a world free of war and strife, where people truly know how to love and care for each other.

One of the techniques I find most helpful for physical issues is “grounding” or also called “earthing”. Although there are many excellent articles, videos, movies, etc. that discuss this, the bottom line for me has been the discovery that simply sitting with my bare feet on the ground or walking barefoot never fails to improve my feeling of well-being, no matter my physical state. So I try to do it as much as possible.

If you watch any movies about it, you will discover that there are many scientific studies being done that prove it is actually essential for us to have our skin in contact with the earth. It is a means of detoxification and balancing that cannot be obtained in any other way. I feel it can be used to help deal with almost any physical and even mental and emotional condition.

Making A Grounding Mat

I live in a place that has 4 seasons, so in wintertime it’s more difficult to comfortably be barefoot outside. It’s possible to purchase a ready made “earthing mat” (and other earthing products), but being on a tight budget, and not having the means to buy one, I decided to try to make my own. I found some videos on YouTube and took ideas from several to come up with my own version.

I just happened to have everything I needed to do this, except for some inexpensive lamp wire and a ribbed galvanized zinc rod that I found at the hardware store, so once I had those, I constructed a 1 ft by 1 foot square mat. I used a sheet of brass foil (you could also use copper or aluminum, all of which I have, but I chose brass because it’s blend of copper and zinc makes it a very good conductor) that I use for making art pieces and folded and duct taped the edges around a particleboard 12” round wall hanging from the dollar store. I then took the double lamp wire and separated the two halves so that I had two 25 ft pieces. I used only one of the halves for this project so I still have another 25 ft in case I want to make another one. I stripped the casing from the ends of the wire, about 2-3 inches or so on both ends. Then I took some larger gauge copper wire and cut two pieces: one about 3 inches and the other about 12 inches.

On the mat-side end of the wire, I attached the larger 3” piece of copper wire to the smaller copper wires in the lamp wire by just winding and twisting them around each other. Then I made a coil of the wire configuration and folded it inside one edge of the brass sheet so that all of the wire was in contact with the brass on both sides; then I duct taped it to the board so that the wires were all enclosed within the brass. The duct tape also covers up the raw edges of the foil where it’s not folded.

On the other end of the wire I attached the 12” piece of copper wire in the same way, by twisting it together. I then ran it outside my bedroom window, where I took the 1 foot piece of galvanized zinc rod (it is ribbed and about 1/4 inch in diameter) and twisted the copper wire around its entire length. I used electrical tape to secure the wire to the rod and also some duct tape to make sure it was very well attached. Then I pounded the rod all the way into the ground close to the house with the wire extending from the top, looking like it is growing out of the ground.

I use the mat both at night, in bed, and during the day. The 25 ft is long enough to position it in bed and to also move it in front of a chair. It works the same whether I have socks on or bare skin. At night I just put my feet or legs on it (it’s on top of the sheet and the coolness of the metal is quite soothing) for however long it’s comfortable. It’s a little bit of a tingly sensation and sometimes more intense than others. During the day I sit in the chair and can work on my laptop or watch tv or whatever.

But I Digress….

I really intended to talk about an article that I read this morning:

Master Kuthumi: Dragonfly Ascension

There is a description in it about how we need to stay grounded while remaining flexible during this time of ascension.

It immediately took me to a picture in my mind of me as one of those inflatable balloon guys that you see at car washes and like in the gif above, feet firmly planted while the rest of me is flailing wildly about in every direction.

You see, another thing I’ve been dealing with is a kind of “life-review” phenomenon, where people, places, and incidents from my past are suddenly flashing in my mind with no warning, often during a situation where I’m having some sort of problem in my daily life. Once this started happening it didn’t take me long to understand that these are opportunities to detoxify and heal old wounds, some even from other lifetimes. And although that is in itself wonderful, it is not easy, comfortable or pleasant. Often there are tears and sometimes swear words involved.

In relation to detoxifying, I’ve often heard that, “if it’s toxic going down, it’ll be just as bad or worse coming back up”. Well, this applies 100-fold or more to clearing toxic karma, habits, experiences, roles, responsibilities and even our biology.

Clearing lifetimes of toxicity requires desperate measures!

But it is part of the ascension process. And although it seems to move as slow as the tortoises in the above gif, my staying grounded while being flexible is the way to get through it.

Thank you, dragonflies for your assistance!

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