Kiola Swan

Welcome to Kiola Swan, a spot featuring creations influenced by my affiliation with the animal kingdom. Being an animal intuitive, many of the ideas and much of the inspiration that comes to assist in creating these works comes from the animals that surround me. This includes pets in the neighborhood and pets I’ve cared for, as well as the many free-roaming animals that surround me every day; birds, squirrels, insects, reptiles, fish, and the like.

We humans are connected to the animal kingdom through the morphogenetic field, brilliantly discussed in this article by Rupert Sheldrake. I believe that it is via this field that I receive many of the healing concepts and ideas that occur to me each day, and that it is an integral part of my animal reiki practice.

Our connection with animals is a sacred thing, and the animals wish nothing more than for us to reach our ultimate potential as human beings. What is shared on these pages comes directly from interactions with animals and is intended to bring healing and love from them to us.

I am honored to be able to share the gifts that the animals give me with you and hope that these offerings bring you as much love and healing as they’ve brought me.

Take a few minutes (about 7) to watch this video when you are having a moment of stress or anxiety! Put on some headphones, close your eyes, and imagine you are snuggled up by the fireplace during this peaceful snowfall. The dog in the video is sending calming and healing energy your way.