Order Form

Below is a spreadsheet listing all the items we offer. Please see the web pages for the type of items to see which ones we have available in stock and the details regarding custom items.
Please use this spreadsheet as a mental worksheet to make note of the details and quantity of the item(s) you’d like to order, then fill out the contact form below. Write as much information as you need to in order to convey your wishes to me about what you’d like. Include the name or type of item, the desired Bagua for Lightcatchers, the size (if applicable), the name of the design (e.g. Large Santorini Sacred Stone “Inspiring”), the quantity desired, and any other pertinent information.

ItemSizePriceBagua/Design/Type desiredQuantity
Sacred Shui Lightcatcherssmall$30
Sacred Stones Meditation Stones (in stock)small$30
Custom Meditation Stones small$50
Heart Seed Stones (Custom)small$135
*use code “Buddy* for 30% off!$95
*use code “Buddy* for 30% off!$280
Orgonite Water Charging Plate (in stock)$225
Custom Orgonite Charging Plate$300
Custom Orgonite Charging Platecustom design$350
Fluid art on canvas8” sq$30
10” sq$40
12” sq$57
14” sq$70
10” x 20”$70

Thanks so much for your order! I will be in touch as soon as possible after I receive it to verify the information you have submitted and confirm the details of your order.