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All of our products are available through several platforms. Each platform has its own fee structure for the privilege of using their site to list and sell products. Although this may be convenient and reach a wider audience, I much prefer having more personal contact with those who are interested in my products. To that end, we have decided to offer a fixed discount if you order any products directly through our website. All website prices reflect at least 10% off the pricing through our other online outlets. Below is a spreadsheet listing all the items we offer. Please see the web pages for the type of items to see which ones we have available in stock and the details regarding custom items.

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Item TypeSizeOur Website PriceOnline Price
Seed Of Life Design Products
Sacred Shui Lightcatchers (in stock)small$30$35
(made to order)custom$75$100
Sacred Stones Meditation Stones (in stock)small$30$35
Custom Meditation Stones (made to order)small$45$50
Heart Seed Stones (Custom) (made to order)small$135$150
Orgonite Water Charging Plate (in stock)$225$250
Custom Orgonite Charging Plate (made to order)choose design from Video or cards$270$300
Custom Orgonite Charging Plate (made to order)Original unique design$300$350
Fluid art on canvas (in stock)8” sq$30$35
10” sq$40$45
12” sq$57$65
14” sq$70$80
10” x 20”$70$80

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About payments and shipping

We currently accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, and Chime.

We offer free shipping on orders within the United States over $50. We are not equipped to handle international shipping at this time. All orders under $50 will have their shipping costs calculated when the order is placed. We ship via USPS and use the most cost-effective method, usually First Class, Priority Mail, or Priority Cubic. Once you place your order via the form, the shipping cost will be calculated and then a payment request will be sent via your preferred payment method. A shipping date will be provided once payment is received; custom orders take extra time to make and an expected ship date will be provided at the time the order is placed, along with confirmation of your wishes regarding the custom piece.