Seed of Life Designs


This is the main page for Seed of Life Designs, where we show you the different creative products we’ve been inspired to make using the Seed or Flower of Life pattern. Our products are available for purchase through our Ko-Fi shop, Etsy shop, and also through our Order Products Here page.

About the Seed and Flower of Life

In Sacred Geometry, interconnected circles evolve to become the Seed of Life (7 circles) and then the Flower of Life (19 circles). They are considered blueprints for creation and symbolize the building blocks of life and existence.

The Seed of Life and Flower of Life designs can also symbolize the interconnectedness of life on Earth from a scientific and ecological standpoint. They have been used in ancient civilizations and throughout time and can be found in many examples of architecture, art, and healing modalities.

We use these designs in our creations to give honor to our lives and celebrate the connections we share with all beings on this beautiful planet.

“Sacred Shui” Lightcatchers

Our Lightcatchers are created with love!

Using the principles of Feng Shui, and featuring Sacred Geometric designs, your piece will bring the energies of the colors and gemstones contained within it to your space. Available in small, large, and custom sizes, these handcrafted pieces make beautiful and uplifting gifts for yourself or loved ones.

Sacred Stones Meditation Stones

Enhance your meditation experience with one of our “Sacred Stones”. Hand-painted and embellished on either a hand-crafted art stone or a natural white Santorini stone, these lovingly created pieces will add a beautiful and inspiring focal point to your meditation altar or sacred space. Each stone is finished in resin for lifelong durability. Art stones and Santorini stones are available in two sizes and come with stands and a gift bag.

Heart Seed Stones

Inspired by the desire to create a heartfelt lasting tribute to lost loved ones, these large hand-crafted art stones feature original designs base on the Seed of Life or Flower of Life pattern. They are lovingly painted and embellished with loved ones in mind, and can be customized to include your loved one’s favorite colors. Ashes may be incorporated in the crafting of the stone if desired. Available in two sizes, these unique pieces make a wonderful centerpiece to a table or special place in your home. Coated in resin for lifelong durability.

Canvas Art

We’ve added a new format for our Seed of Life designs and art pieces…Canvas!

Each canvas is first painted using acrylic paints and various fluid art techniques. A Seed of Life pattern is then added, using iridescent, metallic and other enhancements to complement the background. Paintings are then finished with a protective finishing spray.

Get Paid To Meditate!

Our ”Get Paid to Meditate” program is currently on hold as we work on upgrading our program. We will update this page once it becomes available.