The JoyLove Foundation

Our foundation has been created to support people, groups and organizations that bring joy and love to the lives of others. What this looks like varies greatly depending on the situation; we are particularly keen on assisting small, local efforts since we believe that great love and joy are present in even the smallest acts.

What’s In Store For Us:

In The Meantime:

As our foundation is still in its infancy, we are currently relying on donations to help us get started and begin growing into a functioning entity. Here are ways to donate:

  • Visit our Ko-Fi page, where you can make a one-time or recurring donation. Or better yet, peruse our shop there, where you can purchase intricate art pieces featuring the Seed & Flower of Life designs. All monies from purchases go towards supporting the creation and maintenance of the JoyLove Foundation!
  • Donate via PayPal. Please contact us if you’d like to go this route.

Any donations are greatly appreciated! Once we begin helping those who bring joy and love to others, you can be sure we will broadcast the results of your support far and wide.