Wisdom Cards

Here is where you will find the listing of tarot-sized cards currently available. All these cards have been lovingly created as a tool to assist those wishing to enhance their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Which Deck Is Right For Me?

You may notice that many of the Seed and Flower of Life designs used in the decks I create are the same between the collections. You are correct! This is due to the fact that my creative process often takes me in several directions at once; when I was creating a deck for self-love and healing I also realized I wanted to create an affirmation deck for those in a different phase of their wellness journey. The Animal Angels Oracle deck may be more suited for younger folks and those working on releasing trauma and addictive patterns while the Seeds of Love Affirmation deck is geared towards those who are looking for daily inspiration to assist them on their journey.

My affiliation with Deckible.com has sparked more ideas for card decks, and I’m pleased to add the newest “Conceived in Love; Transformational Intentions for Pregnancy and Birth” card deck and companion coloring meditation journal to the collection. The deck is available in virtual form on Deckible.com, while you can order a physical version of the deck and journal (the “Toolkit”) below.

Animal Angels Oracle Card Deck

About These Cards

This is a deck composed of 55 Oracle cards & 1 Instruction card. These cards were created using original artwork incorporating the Flower of Life Pattern into a pen and ink drawing. This was done using meditative principles, and each design has been infused with healing Reiki energy. The self-love and healing affirmations were inspired by intuitive messages from pets and other animals in nature. Our pets love us and want us to live healthy and happy lives!

Using These Cards

If you have a pet, you may want to invite them to meditate with you using these cards. Simply shuffle the deck and pick one or two cards at random. Read the message and gaze at the sacred geometric design for a few moments, and then move on with your day. As you go about your activities, take a moment to remember the day’s message.

Seeds of Love Affirmation Cards

About These Cards

This is a deck composed of 63 affirmation cards and 1 instruction card. These cards were created using original artwork incorporating the Seed or Flower of Life Pattern into a pen and ink drawing. This was done using meditative principles, and each design has been infused with loving Reiki energy. The words and affirmations were inspired by intuitive messages from animals and nature.

Foil Edition

This version of the deck contains the same 64 cards as in the standard finish, but because of the many colors and embellished nature of the original designs, a premium holographic foil finish was chosen to optimize the experience of using these cards. Try them; you won’t be disappointed!

Conceived in Love; Transformational Intentions for Pregnancy and Birth

The 42 cards in this deck were created to be used during the year of a pregnancy and birth. They have been designed as a thought-provoking tool to enhance your wellness and relationship with your baby.

It is suggested that they be used on a weekly (or more frequent) basis. Shuffling the deck and then choosing a card at random will provide a message for you to reflect on during the period of time until your next session with the cards.

The unique Seed or Flower of Life design on each card and coloring page is an original meditative drawing. These designs have been paired with inspired words and affirmations that include your baby in the intention. It is hoped that meditating on these messages will strengthen the bond with your baby and provide a lifetime of connection.

Although the physical deck can stand alone, it was designed to be used as a companion piece with the “Conceived in Love Coloring Meditation Journal”. Both the physical card deck and companion journal can be purchased through the link below.  To use the cards and book together, first pick a card at random. Then find the corresponding coloring and journal meditation in the book. Spend a little time each day coloring the design while reflecting on the word and journaling prompt. Jot down any thoughts on the accompanying journal page. Once filled with your colored designs and thoughts about your journey, this book will become a treasured keepsake that you can share with your baby for years to come!

How to purchase:

  • We have a limited number of decks in stock. We are currently transitioning to a new publisher who sells decks directly through their website (see below) for better service. Should you wish to purchase through our website for a 10% discount, please visit the Order Products Here page!
  • Our new publisher, The Gamecrafter (Based in Madison, WI, U.S.A.!) provides great service and good prices. Our card decks available through them include the most recent editions and come packaged in a custom-designed tuck box (unless otherwise noted). Please don’t hesitate to order cards through their site. Just click the buttons below to be taken to our card pages.

*Seeds of Love Affirmation Cards Trial Sized Foil Edition*

Due to the higher cost of the premium holographic foil finish, a 9 card trial-sized version was created as a way for card enthusiasts to experience the joy of using cards with this treatment before deciding whether to purchase the deck in the standard vs. more expensive foil finish. The card backs are coated in the standard finish, while the affirmation side of each card has the holographic finish.  This way it is easy to decide if the foil finish is right for you. The trial-sized deck has 9 affirmation cards and one information card, and does not come with a box. There is a companion completion pack available that contains the remaining 54 cards and a custom designed tuck box. Should you get the trial sized deck and want to purchase the completion pack, please look for the Seeds of Love Foil Affirmation Cards/54 Card Completion Pack on The Gamecrafter’s site, or click the button below.

Virtual Decks on Deckible:

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